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Terms & Conditions of sale:

All sales are covered by our 7 day customer satifaction guarentee from date of delivery.

Returns: 1) Customers who contact us and return the damaged products
within 7 days will be offered a choice of a full refund or replacement.

Returns: 2) Customers that contact us or return damaged products after 7 days will not be offered any refund
but will have the product replaced automatically on return and inspection of damaged item, if the item has been tampered with this warranty is void.

Returns: 3) All refunds and replacement products are for the purchased items only and DO NOT include any postage costs if upon inspection the items are undamaged then there will be a restocking charge of £5 as all items are made to order.

Cancelled Orders: all cancelled orders will have a card return fee charged @5% due to processing company charges. 

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